It is necessary that papers submitted to the volume have not been previously published, nor are they under consideration and evaluation for publication in other journals.

Submitting their papers to be published in the journal, the authors agree to give the copyright of the papers to IDEAS. The copyright of the papers published belongs to the journal and cannot be transferred without showing a reference. Scholarly, contextual, lingual, and legal responsibilities of the paper published in the journal belong to the author(s) of the paper in question.

The papers should be single-spaced written with a 2,5 cm margin on all sides of an A4 page. 11-font size, Times New Roman should be used, and 1,5 space should be left between the lines. Page numbers should be placed on the bottom, right-hand corner. The whole paper, together with the abstract and bibliography, should be between 4000-6000 words for research articles and interviews and 1000-1500 words for reviews. The papers should be written in Word for Windows software program. They should be submitted anonymously through the system.  

The title should be written in bold capital letters in 11-font size.

The title, name, and surname of the author(s) should be written in the middle below the title. The asterisk sign (*) should be placed at the end of the names to describe the institution, address, and e-mail address of the author(s) at the bottom of the first page.

The papers should be written in accordance with the above guidelines and titles and subtitles should be written with a 1-cm indentation. The title in the first level should be wholly written in capital letters. The first letters of all the words of the titles in the other levels should be written in capital letters and the others in small letters; they should all be in 11-font size and bold. 

The writings in tables and figures should be single-spaced and within the word limit. The title of the table should be numbered and given just above the top of the table in such a way as to give the content of the table. If the title of the table requires a second line, it should be aligned with the table number. If the table has been transferred from another paper, the reference should be given below the table.



The journal uses MLA, 8th edition.



Reference citations in the text should be as in the MLA Handbook 8th edition. The citations should be as brief as possible. Large numbers of unnecessary references are not encouraged in the articles submitted. Submissions that do not follow MLA 8 Style are desk-rejected.


Works Cited


Reference citations should be compliant with the in-text sources and should be given as in the MLA Handbook 8th edition. 

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